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Month: September 2016

Why You Should Make Your Burgers at Home Instead of Going to a Fast Food Restaurant



Fast food restaurants are all over the place and they are one of the major reasons why our country is currently plagued by obesity. They hurt us in more ways than one, since they not only feed us junk food that affects our health, but they also employ people they pay so little that they cannot afford eating anywhere else. They are just part of the corporate world we are living in today, which chews us and spits us like we are nothing but fuel for its well oiled machine.

In my quest of limiting the influence of corporations in my life, I am trying to do all that I can to depend on them as little as possible. It may not sound like much, but imagine what would happen if, one day, no person in the US or in the world would decide to never visit a fast food again. This is a scenario I love dreaming about, even if it is not realistic right now. I am doing my part and with the help of this blog, I hope to convince others to do the same.

Now I want to talk to you about something that will help you eat healthier and forget about going to fast food restaurants every day. I am the kind who prefers making his own hamburgers at home, and I found many benefits associated with this choice.

First of all, when you are making your own hamburgers at home, you are completely in charge of the ingredients. Do you know what goes into those burgers they make at fast food places? I bet you do not know the half of it. Let me tell you something that you may find shocking. According to a thorough research published by the Annals of Diagnostic Pathology, the content of meat in a fast food hamburger can be as little as 2% and as high as 14%. What makes the rest?  Mainly water content that makes for about half of a hamburger, and all kinds of inferior animal byproduct, like adipose tissue, blood vessels, and I do not wish to continue, as I may just ruin your appetite for good.

Now I want to offer you the alternative: make your own hamburgers at home. Buy the best ground beef meat you can find, as this will make your hamburgers taste heavenly, while being much healthier, too. Season well with your preferred spices, and do not go overboard with the salt. Did I mention that fast food restaurants are loading their hamburgers with fat and sodium? This is what you do not want your hamburgers to have.

I hope I convinced you. Next time you are in the mood for hamburgers, just get your own ground beef meat and cook your own hamburgers at home. Or if you don’t like meat here is an alternative.

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