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Starting Your Busy Day in the Best Way

Starting your day on the right foot can mean lots of things, but one thing is certain: you are not going to have a productive day if you are not considering a good breakfast before going out the door. I am used to working long hours, and that means that I am sometimes forced to skip lunch and end up nibbling on unhealthy foods. It is very important to have a filling healthy breakfast in the morning, if you want to be your best and truly enjoy your day.


8Here is what I do for a good healthy breakfast that does not take me a lot of time. I have yogurt for breakfast as a regular option, and I combine it with other foods that I know will be filling for my stomach and will take me through the day without me needing unhealthy foods to compensate. However, this does not mean that I just take yogurt from the store and fill my fridge with it. This is not how I do things. Being healthy is very important, and we all know now that eating foods that are prepackaged or sold commercially is not the way to go. Even if yogurt is one of the healthiest choices one can make for breakfast, if you are going to get the kind they sell in stores, you will not exactly be making a healthy choice. These are usually loaded with preservatives, sugar and other artificial stuff, so they are quite bad for you.


9I personally prefer making my own yogurt at home, from raw milk, and in order to have plenty, I use a yogurt maker. This machine really makes my life easier and it makes starting the day right really easy. The evening before, I start my machine and I pour in the milk and the starter and I schedule it for as long it is needed to get the yogurt consistency I like. The yogurt maker does its thing overnight and in the morning, I have fresh homemade yogurt. Since I make plenty in one go, what I do not eat I place in the refrigerator to have for the next days. This way, I do not need to use the yogurt maker every day, and I still have the best yogurt around, made by yours truly, without the need to spend on the artificial stuff they sell in stores.


Good health starts with a healthy gut and this is exactly what yogurt does for you. Ever since I embarked on this special diet of eating healthy at breakfast, I have been noticing my overall health improving. I feel more energetic, I feel good, and I even noticed losing a bit of weight. Right now, I don’t think I would ever keep up on eating like this, since it is so healthy and it makes me feel so great. I hope this post of mine will help you make healthy breakfast decisions, as well.

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