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Simple ideas

Some people might not understand how a blog about changing society can also cover my passion for great food. I simply don’t see why we have to make sweeping changes to society on an empty stomach. If you’ve enjoyed a great tasting meal, you’ll have the energy it is going to take to make the changes I think society needs.


As a social activist I have long believed that our overwhelming greed is responsible for many of the problems we face as a whole. I have seen how the one percent live and experienced first hand how the rest of society simply tries to get by on limited wages. Those that are lucky enough to make a substantial income are reluctant to share with those less fortunate, and this includes everything from paying taxes to donating to charities. When the privileged few do decide to make a small donation they always seem to make sure that it is tax deductible. While those that can afford it get out of paying the taxes that they should rightly owe, the rest of us are stuck shelling out more money than we can afford.


Taxes and wages are just a couple of the topics I plan to cover in this blog as I try to convince everyone that changes in society need to be made. I also hope that this platform will make it easier for me to connect with like minded individuals, and maybe it can even be a place where rallies, marches and peaceful protests can be arranged. As I stated earlier it is hard to start a social revolution on an empty stomach, which is why I will also be using this blog to share recipes, cooking tips, and even a few of my favorite dishes served at some of the best restaurants around the country. I should probably point out that my idea of a great restaurant probably differs from those that belong to society’s elite class.


Part of being a social activist and trying to enact positive change is listening to ideas and complaints from others. I hope that this will happen on this blog, and that together we can start to eliminate greed and make this country a place where we can all live comfortably. I look forward to reading all of your comments, positive and negative, and can’t wait to see the difference we can make when everyone works for change together.