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Why I Hate Multinational Corporations

Multinational corporations are part of our everyday lives, and it is not like we can erase them all of a sudden, although I know plenty of people who, just like me, wish this could be possible. I personally think that if it is something that can be called the evil of the modern times we live in, that must be the multinational corporation, both as a concept and as a reality. Back in the days, we had companies, not corporations, but things have changed a lot since then. It is quite difficult to write a blog post on why I hate multinational corporations, for the simple fact that there are so many reasons to talk about.


First of all, multinational corporations do nothing but exploit. They exploit workers, by moving their production assets to third world countries, where they can hire children and other categories that cannot fend for themselves and pay them peanuts. They don’t care about anything in the world, and it is simply safe to say that corporations literally have no soul. There is no one to be considered responsible, their CEOs always hiding behind the fact that they have shareholders to care about. And CEOs can be fired at any time, and then you have no one left to blame when bad things happen.


Multinational corporations do nothing good for no one, except their mysterious shareholders. They create a harsh economic environment where small companies and local businesses cannot dare to compete, for the simple fact that these corporations are killing competition wherever they go. They offer dumping prices, forcing everyone else out of the market, while they do not care about fair business practices. And, while they get rich and fat, do you think they are sharing some of the wealth? No, they don’t; they are experts in tax evasion, and because they can move all around the globe, to areas where they don’t have to pay anything, because they took care of bribing the local authorities in advance, they do nothing good for the country they originate from.


Anyone who has ever worked for a corporation knows this truth: that there is no longer a real career ladder. You can put in long hours, you can work your butt off, but they can fire you at any time or give you some stupid reason for not promoting you. Middle management is considered now only a joke, since everyone knows there is really no such thing anymore, and it has not been ever since the 1970s. All that is left is a huge base made from workers who do not know whether they will be promoted next year, or fired, and top management that thrives and gets bonuses from slashing workers and cutting costs.


With their hands deep into pension funds and simply doing everything their shareholders ask them to do, multinational corporations are simply the greatest evil of our times. Child labor, lack of protection for workers, shady business practices, are all terms now associated with these entities. Although I could go on and on about why I hate them so much, I will stop now, because I’m in danger of turning a simple blog post into a book. I truly hope that you feel the same way I do and that one day there will be no more corporations to keep us down and exploit us.


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